Roy Orbison Orchestrated shows


Friday 3rd November 2023 - Canberra Theatre Centre

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Saturday 30th September 2023 at the beautiful State Theatre, Sydney. 

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Join award-winning singer Damien Leith and a 28-piece concert orchestra as he takes you on a nostalgic journey through the legendary music of Roy Orbison. ‘Roy Orbison Orchestrated’ features elegant and uplifting arrangements of Roy’s timeless classics. Conducted and masterfully arranged by Australia’s 2022 Young composer winner, Emma Greenhill. 

Damien Leith's, Roy Orbison Orchestrated show is absolutely STUNNING!” - Sally Smythe

Damien Leith's career has been inextricably linked to Roy Orbison, having worked with the late Barbara Orbison who wanted Damien to carry on Roy's legacy with his powerful renditions of the Big O's songs. Damien is so excited to perform his hits with a full symphony orchestra.



'Sha La La'

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